Dark Season 1 part 1 Explained – Spoilers

Dark Explained - Season 1 part 1

Most people after watching Dark Series had a carousel in the head. It’s nothing strange.

Dark Season 1 showed that this Netflix Series is great but is very hard to understand. Some people may agree with my words some may disagree.

I would like finally make a small explanation of first Dark Season.

Let’s do it!

1.Look at this Winden residents key. It will help you understand more sooner or later.

Dark winden key

2.The action started in the 2019 year. There we met Michael Kahnwald, father of Jonas, husband of Hannah.

There is the memorable situation when he left a note – not to be opened until 4 November at 10:13 pm.

3.Back to 4 November. After a time we learned that Erik Obendorf is a red-haired young boy who has been missing. The case was assigned to police. A police officer who accepted the case – Ulrich have a lot of in common with this tragedy. 33 years ago his younger brother missing in the same place and never has been found.

4.On next day a young missing boy was found wearing 80s togs and nickel with 1986 date. What is more strange, Erik Obendorf had Walkman in his arms.


To be continued….


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