Dark Tv Series Reviews

Dark tv series reviews

One week after Dark Tv series premiere we would like share some reviews about the newest Netflix production.

Dark received mostly great reviews, a lot of viewers are very glad and wait for next seasons.

The popularity of Dark series probably will beat Stranger Things series.

Chosen Dark Tv Series Reviews:

Dark tv series reviews

Dark Review 1:

I don’t know why a lot of people say this the German answer of stranger things. I can say it isn’t! This series is absolutely great and has your own mysterious history. I hope Netflix approve a second season. I can say very very good stuff! Also many questions about all this time travels are not be answered.

by: Philipp Rasche

Dark Review 2:


I’m not really a fan of German movies and TV shows but this really blew my mind ! great cinematography, great acting , great story and it’s NOT A STRANGER THING COPY! if you want something mind bending and a bit more stranger than stranger things WATCH THIS !

Netflix is doing really great stuff and i’m looking forward to see more German or maybe austrian Netflix TV-Shows or movies 🙂

But one bad thing in my opinion is, that the English voice over is really bad, it sounds kinda like Netflix didn’t really care what it would sound like with the voice over.

so for other German Netflix productions PLEAS DO ABETTER JOB WITH THE English VOICE OVER

by: michaelengele

Dark Review 3:

can’t agree with the reviewer before me. They are not trying to copy Stranger Things, and I don’t want to go into ‘copying’ at all – because Stranger Things has parallels to a few games, movies and books that have been popular before it was even in the making.

‘Dark’ is slow paced in the beginning, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is tense, the cinematography and acting is great. There is so much more depth to it than the mentioned Stranger Things. It’s not bloated with special effects and didn’t have a Hollywood budget. This is how TV should be. It has got a Donnie Darko feeling to it.

I guess the majority of people complaining about the pace would also complain about Blade Runner 2049 or Interstellar…so please, just stick to Marvel movies. 🙂


Dark Review 4:

“Dark” is definitely not a TV show for everyone. Its’ gloomy and twisted tone may confuse the average viewer, but it’s a true beauty to lovers of strange and atmospheric horror. It is not the type of series that builds too much on jumpscares, terrifying things in the woods or gory deaths. It has some scenes including these – but the true horror of “Dark” is psychological and more complex. The cinematography and detailed composition of each shot is one of the best aspects of “Dark”. The characters are interesting enough but are somewhat difficult to relate to. Props to the talented cast that makes these characters more emotionally relatable due to their amazing acting skills. Intended or not, “Dark” has a lot of parallels to Netflix’ “Stranger Things” like the flickering lights, the disappearance of a young boy, the use of 80s nostalgia and the facility that has a lot of secrets from the town. It is a journey that has winks to “Stranger Things” and kind of wants a piece of the enormous success of it, but all in all is enjoyable if you’re okay with the slow pacing and some psychological and scientific complexity.


Dark Review 5:

This is fresh, innovative and just damn cool. The acting is effortless, the characters gather depth with each episode. The complexity of the story is like peeling the proverbial onion, layer upon layer. This is a story worth telling. Am looking forward to seeing what the world looks like in the series two, am sure it will bring further surprises.



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