Winden City from Dark Netfilx Series is real?

winden city

Action in Dark Netflix production has a place in small German city called Winden.

It begs to be asked that Widen city is real?

The truth lies in the middle. Why?

The real name of the place in German country is very similar and it’s called – Winden im Elztal. So we will say Winden city is real!

Very interesting is fact that this city is surrounded by the Black Forest. Even more, fascinated is this that this place has a dreadful, sinister reputation. There is a lot of legends about this place. You can check this online on Google.

winden city

It’s a very possible that Dark Series creators could have been inspired by stories, legends and mysterious of Winden im Elztal.

Right now there is no official statement from any person who is playing in Dark or Baran bo Odar that they were inspired by a German city.

Hope that we will be shortly informed. What is your opinion about this? Is Dark inspired by this real and secret German city?

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